About Jess Richards


Jess is a personal trainer who takes pride in her commitment and passion towards health and fitness. Her mission is to inspire women to become the best version of themselves.

I’m Jess Richards, a Brisbane Based Trainer, WBFF Bikini Competitor, Business Owner and Health and Fitness fanatic.

My core beliefs revolve around mindset, consistency and discipline, it is with these methods that I have helped improve many of my clients lives and I am on a mission to empower women to be the best they can be, hoping to inspire them to push their boundaries when it comes to weight training, healthy living, and bettering themselves each and every day.

My drive to begin my business Lift Workout, came from my passion for my own health and the opportunity it gives me to improve the lives of those around me. By providing a support system of effective programming, nutritional guidance and an emphasis on mindset strategies to reach their health and fitness goals.

I was introduced to weight training at the age of 14, after a near-death horse-riding accident, where I was forced to resign from my sporty childhood and go back to the basics of core strengthening and conditioning work. From there I worked my way up and increased my strength, while battling ongoing back spasms and chronic injury. I began to see the positive changes that came as a result, not only did it improve my injury, but also my body shape and and my confidence.

My desire for health and fitness soon became my passion, and now my career. I’m a big believer in everything happens for a reason, and although at the time it was damn hard, I’m beyond grateful for the lessons, opportunity’s and discipline it has given me. As cliché as it sounds, I never gave up, despite what I had been told.

Having undergone a fitness transformation myself, I understand the struggles, concerns and questions that you can have regarding your fitness goals. Everybody is different, and each journey will be as well. I firmly believe in finding the best approach that works for you, this is why I offer a range of programs and to suit your goals, lifestyle and budgets.

I believe fitness needs to be an ongoing commitment, while designing my programs I kept in mind, sustainability, personal preferences and practicality, and most importantly allowing you to lead a healthy lifestyle, which is in my opinion the key to succeed.

I’m passionate about showing you how to transform your body, mind and approach to life, and I hope you will join me on this journey!

Jess xx

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