Jess Richards | 02/05/2019

Goal Setting

Hey Babes!

I want to touch on Goal Setting and why it is SO crucial to achieving your results!We are often so focussed on the physical aspects of our health and fitness and tend to neglect to pay attention to the psychology of achieving our goals. Through many years of training and shaping my body, I have learnt it comes down to just as much mental strength as it does physical.

I think by now everyone is familiar with SMART goals, but for those who don’t it is a quick process to outline your goals characteristics of: SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ACHIEVABLE, REALISTIC AND TIME.

Take the time now to write down your SMART goals.

This is my secret weapon and key to success. There is a big difference between people who achieve what they say they will, and those who give up. That is their reason WHY. Your WHY is your reason you set yourself a goal in the first place. It is that deeper driving force. If your WHY is strong enough, big enough or meaningful enough, your excuses are dulled. For me, my WHY is about becoming a strong, confident and self-loving woman. To create a lifestyle and body I love and become an inspiration to my clients and others. This is what motivates me to train, eat well, work hard and better myself every day!


STEP 1: Write down your goals, in as much detail as possible following the SMART analogy.
STEP 2: Write down your motivating factors to achieving your goal. What reward comes from achieving it? Maybe a positive experience or influence?
Hint: create a mind map with your goal in the centre and all the positive outcomes surrounding it.
STEP 3: Remind yourself WHY. Have it front and centre. Have it on your phone screensaver, on your fridge, on your mirror, whatever it may be, keep it in plain sight to keep you on track.
STEP 4: Tell someone about your goals for accountability. For me, I like to share my journey on my social media, (insert Instagram), and because of this I know I must stay accountable to my followers and be a role model for my clients.

Good Luck and I wish you all the success with your goals! You’ve got this girl!
- Jess xo