Jess Richards | 02/05/2019

Why women SHOULD lift weights

I love lifting! So do my girls! I was only saying to my partner yesterday how I love the feeling of being strong. I think we’ve definitely come a long way with females being more open minded in the gym to lift weights and breaking the stereotype that it will make us bulky.
My goal has always been to create a fit, feminine shape and this all comes down to lifting!

Weight training has many benefits but here are my top 3:


It’s so common for females to want to “tone” their body. Genetically you can’t exactly “tone” a muscle. You can either grow it or lose it.

So for it to become “toned” you realistically want to increase lean muscle tissue and have a lower body fat percentage to reveal the shape and definition to create this appearance.

The myth that females will get bulky is well and truly gone, and we can see from many of my girls the result of incorporating weight training into their programs.


As you increase lean muscle mass, your metabolism also increases. Put simply, the more muscle mass you have, the more calories you will burn.


Nothing feels better than being able to lift heavy and feel strong in the gym.

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